College Hosts Second Annual Student Paper/Presentation Conference

Open Campus/Deerwood Center hosted the College’s second annual Student Paper/Presentation Conference on April 15, 2016.

This year’s theme was “Bridges: From Research to Understanding.” Approximately 140 people attended the conference. This event serves as an opportunity for students to submit their research topics and ideas in the form of a 150-word abstract to the Student Conference Committee for consideration.

If selected, the students are assigned a faculty mentor and asked to write the research paper. On the day of the conference, students present their topics, research and findings in categories including “innovations in medical practice and theory,” “public policies and public narratives” and “history and artistic styles.”

Special guests included President Cynthia A. Bioteau, Campus President Jana Kooi and the event’s keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Ruse. Professor Glenna Veiga, Dr. Leo Collins, Dr. Laura Jeffries and Dr. JR Woodward served as the event’s judges. Paper and poster presentations were judged based on criteria such as organization, subject knowledge, grammatical errors and style/delivery.

The following students and their presentations were selected as winners of the conference:

• Best Paper for Panel I: Jessica Gregory, “Restraints and Seclusion in Psychiatric Nursing Practice”

• Best Paper for Panel II: Kylie O’Bryant, “Death with Dignity as Public and Media Representation”

• Best Paper for Panel III: Marjorie Dickinson, “Demonstrating The Effectiveness of the Bee Propolis for Antibacterial Properties”

• Best Paper for Panel IV: Tiffany Adams, “The Business of Selling Human Asian Hair in the African American Community”

• Best Poster Presentation: Chelsie Williams, “Epigenetic Applications to the Human Services”

• Winner for Original Contribution to Field: Christina Sellers, “Treating Pain with Complementary Alternative Medicine”

FSCJ Digital Media Productions recorded the conference, allowing current and future participants to share their experience and review their presentation skills. We would like to congratulate the students on their impressive presentations and hard work, and thank all faculty and staff members for their participation.

Click this link to view more photos from the event. 

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