College Readiness Programs

Making the transition to college is now easier than ever before. Florida State College at Jacksonville offers a variety of college readiness learning experiences designed for students from grade 6 through 12.

FSCJ's variety of college readiness learning experiences will help students gain skills, confidence and college credit that can put them on a path to personal, educational and career achievement.

FSCJ programs connect students with advisors, role models, career counselors and instructors who care about their success. By working with area high schools and businesses, we are able to offer programs that are relevant to local career opportunities. FSCJ provides Northeast Florida students with a chance to see what college is like and to gain extra skills they will need to make the most of their college experience. In addition, there are programs which offer college-level credit while students are still in high school. Many of the college readiness programs at FSCJ are available at very little or no cost.

Learn more about the variety of FSCJ programs that help students discover the advantages of pursuing a college education.

CROP (College Reach-Out Program) (College Preparation)

For: 6th through 8th grade students

Program Snapshot: Providing guidance and counseling to help younger students set career goals while encouraging their potential, both academically and socially.

Educational Talent Search (ETS)

For: Students in grades six through 12

Program Snapshot: ETS offers academic and mentoring services to middle and high school students at seven targeted schools in Duval County to help guide them through the high school years and prepare them for college. The program follows students from grades six through 12 to ensure that they are on the right track to further their educational goals and prepare for college.

A Partnership Between Florida State College at Jacksonville and the U.S. Department of Education

GRADS (Gaining Resources and Developing Skills) (College Preparation)

For: High school juniors and seniors in a year-round program

Program Snapshot: The GRADS program includes SAT preparation, career preparation workshops, resume writing and interviewing skills and techniques, career and personal counseling, finance management and college tours.

FAME (Format for Affecting My Enrollment) (College Experience)

For: 9th through 12th grade students

Program Snapshot: FAME acquaints participants with the mechanics of college enrollment. Students and their parents learn more about student aid, A.A. and A.S. degree programs, participate in campus tours, and meet students, faculty and administrators in various program areas.

Dual Enrollment (College Credit)

For: High school juniors and seniors

Program Snapshot: Dual Enrollment enables high school juniors and seniors to earn simultaneous high school and college credit for academic courses. These tuition-free college credits may be transferred to any public college or university.

Take Stock in Children (Scholarship and Mentoring)

For: Duval County students grades 6-12

Program Snapshot: Take Stock in Children is a comprehensive program that provides academically promising low-income students succeed by providing college and vocational scholarships, volunteer mentors, student advocates, tutoring, early intervention, long-term support, high standards, parental involvement and community support.

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C.A.R.E.S. stands for College Access and Readiness Endeavors and Services. Some students know at an early age or grade that they will attend college. Some students find their path in life at a later age or grade. At Florida State College at Jacksonville, we’re committed to helping students navigate their way to a successful future. With our collection of college readiness initiatives, some of which enroll students as early as 6th grade, FSCJ cares about the development of the youth in Northeast Florida. As an expression of the College’s dedication to helping students – and families – prepare for success before and after high school, FSCJ C.A.R.E.S. engages hundreds of participants annually in enriching and rewarding college and career planning. Whether the student’s a fresh-faced middle school sixth grader or an excited twelfth grader looking forward to graduation, FSCJ C.A.R.E.S. has the programs and serves to excite students about the present and their futures. Contact us today at (904) 633-8413!